Arinto Project planning

Project planning eliminates overdue deadlines & SLA’s

Simple view of your projects and milestones! Your projects as well as your overall planning each in a individual plan board.

3 most common frustrations with project planning!

No view on project progression:

Overdue deadlines/SLA’s, encountered conflicts, no insight in execution, …

Good-for-nothing plan boards:

Your projects are presented graphically…but the planning of each project step is horrifying and nearly impossible.

Impossible to rectify ad-hoc changes:

You are furious each time your project steps are changing. Each end-user intervention is always a nightmare!

Setting up all the different project steps in project planning is usually the most difficult part. Thanks to Arinto Project planning your end-users have a operational plan board where each individual project step can be assigned to indivual employees and teams. In addition you will also have a project gantt chart where all your project steps and milestones will be presented in a very user-friendly way.

With the combination of Project planning, for the operational planning of each project step, and Arinto Mobile, which is used for mobile field services and time registration, you have everything to act on time and to assure a optimal project progression.

Your milestones & SLA’s presented in a clear view!

The project gantt chart visualizes all project steps and the project progression in a user-friendly and ergonomic interface. The project gantt chart gives direct insight into your violations. From this view you can immediately jump to the operation planning to rectify all overdue milestones and SLA’s.

Planning projects has never been that easy!

Whether your projects have one or many different project steps, Arinto supports you in the planning of all different steps taking into account all your parameters to execute your project efficiently. This is the ideal way to keep the optimal balance between all your project steps and your available resources.

Ad-hoc changes and violations rectified without stress!

Your project constantly gets disturbed by ad-hoc changes which forces your planner to react immediately? Arinto generates optimal proposals or even re-plans all violations, each time taking care of the parameters to make sure your projects are executed on time.

Finally, your planning linked with real-time execution!

Thanks to Arinto Project planning and the integrated mobile time registration your organization will instantly see the benchmark between planning and the real-time execution on the field. These indicators are the perfect instrument to better finetune your executions and your company performance.

Your planning accessible anytime and anywhere!

Arinto gives insight into your planning for all your end users in a user-friendly digital way. Planning becomes accessible anytime and anywhere. From now on, your employees can access their schedule, request holidays and register their working time completely mobile. Administration and unnecessary paper belong to the past!

All necessary material and orders linked with your project!

When your materials and tools take part of a successfull execution, Arinto helps you with a detailed material planning that takes into account the availibility, units and waiting and delivery time.

Interactive dashboards for better decision-making!

Arinto gives insight in the necessary capacity based on the duration of the demand, the required competences and the availability of your working staff. You get perfect view on working volume to manage your resources correctly. You will know when and where to switch gear!

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