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Discover the most important features of Arinto.

Employees with all kind of rules

All your resources completely in one environment with all the parameters: competences, availabilities, location, …

  • Competences with several levels

  • Availabilities and different work regimes, shifts

  • Preferences

Projects & Tasks

Multi-step projects, repeating jobs or simple tasks, it all remains easy for Arinto.

  • Required skills

  • Location

  • Preferences

Tasks gantt chart

Plan board to allocate tasks and jobs to individual employees or teams. Optimal for the support of field service planning and capacity planning.

  • Drag-n-drop of (unplanned) tasks

  • Matching wizard

  • Constraints, conflicts, …

Project gantt chart

Project gantt chart to manage multi-step projects. Visualization of deadlines and conflicts. Works in combination with resource scheduling for detailed capacity planning. Perfect for the support of project planning.

  • Visualization of conflicts and deadlines

  • Long term planning

Resources gantt chart

Resource gantt chart for the planning of resources. Allocation of shifts, balanced with intelligent algorithms. Perfect for the support of project planning.

  • Allocation of shifts

  • Compensations, holidays, counters, …

Time registration

The follow-up on the field performance is essential for a optimal planning. Thanks to time registration your employees can register activities in a simple way. Mobile when needed.

  • Registration of hours

  • Mobile or desktop

  • Barcode or manual

Materials & tools

Planning taking into account the material availability, planning of orders, registration of material consumption, all included in the same platform!

  • Registration of hours

  • Mobile or desktop

  • Barcode or manual

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