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One of the main reasons to make optimal planning a success, is the alignment of your as is processes with your to be goals and to incorporate this with new technology on a realistic manner.

A lot of organizations are too much ignoring the fact of analyzing. If this is the case, optimal planning will never be reached. To make sure each planning project turns out into a positive outcome, Arinto applies a profound business analysis for the majority of our projects in order to address the as is processes with the to be goals to get insight in the optimization potential. The outcome of this analysis can be used as the source of a project roll-out with different milestones and project phases during project implementation.

Do not forget that technology only covers 10% of each business goal, the remaining percentages will be carried by your resources and your processes.

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3 examples of Arinto Business Consulting

Holistic study of your planning

Do I plan well or is ther room for improvement? What am I missing on the basis of my current working methods? Arinto maps your potential with an “As-Is” to a “To-Be” method.

By taking into consideration your data

Give us your data, Arinto plans based on your preferred KPI’s and calculates the potential you missed out on. The ideal view of your business case.

Technical analysis of the added value from integration

Arinto screens your current architecture and analyzes the potential of a comprehensive integrated planning with your other applications.

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