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5 Ways to Make Employee Scheduling Easy

Employee scheduling is an important concern for every business manager. Managers can feel the pressure mounting when there is a lack of an effective scheduling process. Similarly, it hurts employee morale when they do not have a schedule that serves their skills and needs. To make matters worse, often the person in charge of staff scheduling is dealing with piles of timetables, schedules, availability calendars, and employee requests that they must managed manually or on a large spreadsheet. Some schedulers dedicate whole days or even weeks to developing, publishing, and editing employee schedules!

There are dozens of schedule-related problems that need the attention of managers and staff alike. A well-managed schedule keeps the organization moving and resolves many complex situations. Let’s take a look at five ways to make the process easier.

1. Know your team
The first step to effective employee scheduling is to create list of staff who are currently working for your business or department. Along with their names and roles, you should also keep contact information handy, as well as any relevant skills and certifications. Additional information can include whether they’re part-time or full-time, as well as any overtime restrictions.

2. Create a process for staff availability
Give employees a chance to communicate their preferred work hours. Giving staff the option to voice their preferences offers managers a way to promote a collaborative environment. Additionally, knowing employee preferences can allow you to place staff in an available work shift that’s convenient for both parties. Availability can be kept in a calendar format or as a form. Employees should be able to pick more than one preferred shift. They should also be aware that they may sometimes have to work others shifts to cover all open business hours.

3. Make the schedule easily accessible
Once you’ve created the schedule, make sure that it is easy for staff members to view and access it. Often times, staff members can forget to look at the schedule if it is not in an easily visible place. Moreover, it’s easy for staff members to lose or misplace paper copies of their individual schedules. If the staff doesn’t have easy access to the schedule, they will often show up late to work (if they show up at all).

4. Plan for the worst
When you design the work schedule, keep the emergency factor in mind. A well designed schedule includes a plan B, so the manager won’t have to panic if any employee doesn’t show up or has to leave for an emergency. Having a well-organized availability chart will help here as well. Managers should also have clearly defined rules about shift trades and absences.

5. Schedule the right person for the job
Use your staff list to ensure that you are scheduling employees according to their talents and skills. Sometimes, especially in understaffed environments, managers are forced to fill the shifts even with staff who do not best suit the jobs. This may get the work done; however, your business will benefit greatly from processes that are perfected versus being just completed. Constantly scheduling staff members in positions that do not suit their preferences or abilities can also have a negative effect on employee morale.

To make employee scheduling easy, you may want to consider replacing the manual management process with a software solution. Effective scheduling software will offer conflict management to produce error-free schedules and deliver the flexibility to handle your particular needs.  However you do your scheduling, covering all your shifts with the right person while making the process more efficient and less stressful should be your ultimate goal.

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Yeni Adams5 Ways to Make Employee Scheduling Easy

Employee Scheduling and Planning

Employee scheduling and planning are two of the most challenging aspects of a manager’s job. They also just so happen to be two of the most important, because scheduling staff creates order and flow for your business. Proper employee scheduling and planning ensure that your staff knows when they are working, so they can focus on their jobs instead of waiting for or having problems with their schedule. Successful scheduling and planning also ensure that essential tasks are covered at the right times.

Challenges of Employee Scheduling and Planning

Employee scheduling requires determining when staff members will work and when you need part-time, full-time, and freelance workers to work. This may sound simple, but you may have staff who cannot work certain days, who need time off for health or family reasons, or who request to work certain times. Couple that with unexpected time off such as sick time, and employee scheduling quickly can become a nightmare. It is best for you to have a policy in place so that employees are required to give a certain amount of advance notice for time off, especially for vacations and surgery.
Employee planning involves a strategic process for systematically identifying and analyzing your organization’s needs in order to determine what you require as far as size, type, and quality of employee personnel for achieving business goals. The goal of employee planning is to identify the optimal combination of experience, knowledge, and skills that employees must possess in order to perform their work and contribute to achieving the business goals. Typically, the employee planning process involves setting a strategic direction, analyzing the workforce, implementing the workforce plan, and evaluating the results.

Employee Scheduling and Planning for the Mobile Workforce

Employee scheduling and planning become even more difficult when managing mobile workers or those in field services. These industries require planning in order to intelligently build credible forecasts and to plan the capacity of your resources for weeks, months, and even years in advance. Once you have your employee planning completed, you must create daily schedules for mobile workers and field techs that include the best possible scenarios and optimize throughout the workday. Workforce management supervisors and managers utilize enterprise mobile workforce management software solutions to automate the process of employee scheduling and planning and to optimize resources.

Benefits of Employee Shift Planning Software

Clearly, attempting to complete the processes of employee scheduling and planning manually is a nearly impossible task, especially if you have a business any larger than a very small one. Employee scheduling and dispatch software solutions are available for businesses of any size, including the enterprise. There are several benefits of using employee scheduling and planning software, which we highlight below:
Kronos reports that labor is the largest controllable expense in healthcare organizations, as labor accounts for more than 50% of all expenses; the healthcare industry is not unique in its labor expenses, which is why ensuring optimal employee scheduling with employee scheduling and planning software solutions is critical to any business’ bottom line
Increasing operational efficiency, as the scheduling and planning software solution saves time and improves work methods by automating the process
Increasing management control, as supervisors and managers have the ability to monitor resources in real time with complete visibility into the employees’ arrival times, departure times, tasks completed, and more
Increasing satisfaction, as workers provide a quick response to customer calls, and staff enjoys the benefits of a schedule the accommodates the work load and fairly divides holidays, weekends, and other less desirable shifts
Employee shift planning may seem like a daunting task, especially for enterprises and those within the mobile workforce industry, but with the right employee scheduling and planning software, you will increase efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction across the board.

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Yeni AdamsEmployee Scheduling and Planning

New jobs @ Arinto Planning

Looking for a cool and dynamic organization?

Arinto is a young and fast-growing company always looking for extra talent to reinforce our team!

We are currently looking for a Software Developer and a Junior Digital Marketeer:

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Kristof BriersNew jobs @ Arinto Planning

Arinto Planning: new website

Arinto Planning Software in a new corporate website

Thanks to our new developments we were forced to completely renew our website.

From now on you find more specific information and to the point illustrations of our 3 planning software domains:

  • Resource scheduling
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Our website is published in Dutch as well as in English. Good luck reading Arinto! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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Kristof BriersArinto Planning: new website
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